CRASS Christ The Album

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CRASS Christ The Album


W magazynie: 2

Wydawca: Crass Records
Nośnik: Płyta winylowa
Stan: Nowy


Czwarty album zespołu wydany w 1982 roku. Nagrania studyjne i koncertowe.


Str A:
Have A Nice Day
Mother Love
Nineteen Eighty Bore
I Know There Is Love
Beg Your Pardon
Birth Control n Rock n Roll
Reality Whitewash

Str B:
It s The Greatest Working Class Rip-Off
You Can Be Who?
Buy Now Pay As You Go
Rival Tribal Revel Rebel (Pt. 2)
Sentiment (White Feathers)
Major General Despair

Str C:
Banned From The Roxy
The Sound Of One Hand
Punk Is Dead
Nagasaki Nightmare
Bata Motel Blues
Berkertex Bribe
Fold It In Half
Big Hands
Heart-Throb Of The Mortuary
Big A Little A
First Woman

Str D:
Arlington 73
Bomb Plus Bomb Tape
Contaminational Power
I Ain t Thick
G’s Song
I Can’t Stand It
Shaved Women
A Part Of Life
Do They Owe Us A Living
So What
Salt n Pepper

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